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Connect with a local furniture maker today

and get started on your custom piece

Photo courtesy of Maddox Humphries, an artisan. Check him out here!


How Heirloom Works


Browse through profiles and portfolios of vetted NC artisans to find the right artisan for you. 

Each artisan's profile contains information about their background and experience, lead time, price range, and the types of pieces they specialize in.


When you think there may be a match, you can reach out to your favorite artisans directly from their profile pages. 

Expect a reply from them via email within 24-48 hours.


Communicate directly with your artisan throughout the entire crafting process and receive a one-of-a-kind heirloom! 

Pile of forested logs


At Heirloom, we are passionate about the craft of custom furniture-making. We're captivated by the creativity of artisans, the rich stories woven into each piece, the unmatched quality, and the positive impact the craft has on local economies. That’s why we've decided to launch an online platform dedicated to championing these timeless skills.


In addition to being the craft’s biggest cheerleader, we are making it easier for artisans and clients to build custom pieces together. We provide a vibrant space where talented artisans and clients can connect as well as a streamlined, transparent process for commissioning custom furniture. 

Our commitment is to transform the custom furniture experience into a seamless, enjoyable journey for all involved. Join us at Heirloom in celebrating the uniqueness, durability, and quality of handcrafted furniture and the talented artisans behind each piece.




Heirloom was created with the curated experience in mind. We take pride in fostering trust between artisan and client by handpicking and vetting skilled craftspeople, ensuring each product tells a unique story while upholding the highest standards of furniture-making. You can feel confident knowing that Heirloom does not infringe upon artisans’ approach to their craft, personal artistry, and pricing. Our goal is to help artisans find exciting projects and help you find the right artisan for your needs, all while ensuring a smooth workflow throughout. 

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