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The benefits of shopping locally for furniture

Our shopping choices have the potential to be more than transactions. By purchasing furniture locally we have the potential to boost our local economies, embrace eco-friendly practices, and support an intricate craft. We’ve described our top 4 benefits of shopping locally for furniture. We hope that they resonate with you! 


Boost the local economy

According to the American Independent Business Alliance, small independent retailers return roughly three times as much money into the local economy than chain stores do. Another one of their studies found that $100 spent locally results in $45 of local re-spending, as opposed to $14 from a big box store. Re-spending was defined as “payroll, goods/services purchased from area businesses, profits spent locally by owners, and as donations to area charities.” 1 

This allows these independent shops to have higher revenue and create more jobs, which allows our small, local economies to thrive. Did you know that 52% of USA workers are employed by small businesses of fewer than 500 employees? 3 Furthermore, local furniture makers are often involved in local community events and causes, which are essential in establishing a strong connection among residents. 

More eco-friendly

If you’re interested in learning how big box furniture stores are damaging to the environment read our blog post here. Shopping locally for furniture is better for the environment. Local artisans are more likely to purchase locally themselves, leading to fewer emissions caused by manufacturing at large factories and overseas transportation 2. These furniture makers are set up within the local community, further reducing their carbon footprint by eliminating the need for large stores with paved parking lots on the outskirts of town (and eliminating your need to drive further outside the community!) Lastly, local furniture makers are more likely to engage in waste reduction practices as compared to their big box competitors. All in all, shopping for your next furniture piece locally can have a major positive impact on our planet!

Flourish creativity

Big box furniture stores mass produce furniture, which means that their styles are made for the masses. In order to appeal to a larger group of people, uniqueness and creativity is lost, despite furniture-making being an art form. Instead of retroactively attempting to determine if and how your preferred qualities fit into a pre-made piece, you can start from scratch, and build out those qualities to ensure they’re properly reflected in your new furniture. Simultaneously, you are supporting an artist at work. Your purchase allows them to add yet another creative, one-of-a-kind piece to their portfolio, strengthening their expertise and sustaining their career. 


Unfortunately, the big box furniture industry appears to be more committed to simply making products than to the craft of furniture making. This is not true for local artisans. When you purchase furniture from a local maker, you can be confident that they will dedicate time and energy to make sure the piece is a true reflection of your individual needs and preference. Independent furniture makers use high quality, durable materials that will ensure your new piece will withstand use over time and will last to make a wonderful heirloom! 


Heirloom makes the furniture shopping process easier by connecting prospective clients with NC based furniture makers via our platform. We are committed to helping our local community thrive by streamlining the process of finding and connecting with these artisans, making it simple to support your local furniture makers. We love the uniqueness a custom made furniture piece can bring to your home and hope you will too! 


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